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Marital records are necessary for doing many things after people make the decision to tie the knot. Through public records on the internet, records of a person's marriage can be obtained instantly. Whether you get married in a church or down at the county courthouse, the state needs to be involved with a couple who are getting married.

Marriage records can be obtained on a “by county” basis for any reason. When a woman who was recently married is attempting to change her name on her identification, bank account, etc., documentation of the marriage is necessary. Additionally, people who start a new job and are attempting to get their spouse included on their health benefits must produce marital records to do so. Divorce lawyers need marital records every day for their job as well.

No matter what reason you have for obtaining marriage records, this information is available publicly and has been published on the internet for your convenience. Searching for marital records involves using a person's name. Many services will charge a small fee for obtaining marital records,  but getting health insurance or finalizing a divorce is well worth it. You can save yourself hassle by conducting a county marital records search online.