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To say that today's job market is not so great may be an understatement. People are using many different avenues to search for jobs. Want ads and employment fliers in the newspaper are becoming a thing of the past with the advent of technology and the internet. The difference is that people posting in a magazine or newspaper need to give their information and pay for their ad, and even though some postings are still fraudulent, the internet makes it much easier to make false postings in an attempt to take advantage of people.

The question then becomes: How can I verify that a job posting is really true before I go through the trouble of applying and submit a wealth of personal information over the web. There are multiple ways to conduct research over the internet such as people searches, background checks, reverse phone lookups, etc. that can be beneficial when verifying these sources.

A reverse phone lookup can be exceptionally helpful in deciding whether someone is really who they claim to be based on their telephone number. Many of the job postings will include a phone number or e-mail address that you can use to obtain a phone number. Reverse phone lookups can give you the name of the individual or company that uses that phone number and you can see if it matches that on the job posting or if they have a good reputation of credibility.